Have a question about the different qualities available? Or maybe you want to know more about the packaging and lead time. Check out our FAQ page list for answers to all of your questions.

1. What is the composition of the product?

The mats are woven from PP tubes and PP yarn.

2. What are the different qualities?

a. Material: There are two grades of PP, recycled and Virgin PP that are used to make Mats.

b. Weight: The most widely accepted weight is 440 gsm.

c. Finish: We can manufacture mats in matte finish too.

3. What is the difference between mats made out of Virgin PP and Recycled PP?

Functionally, both qualities are identical. More colours can be made in virgin PP as compared to recycled PP. The colour consistency is also higher in virgin PP. Mats made out of recycled PP have a good eco appeal.

4. Can the tubes be made in any colour?

In the case of virgin PP, the colours can be matched to pretty much any shade in pantone. With recycled PP, this is not always possible.

5. How many colours can be there in a mat?

A maximum of 4 colours is possible.

6. Can any design be made?

Any design except pictures and photos can be woven on to the mat.

7. Can my own design and logo be made on to the mat?

Yes, we can make your designs and logos.

8. What are the dimensions in which mats can be made?

a. Width: Mats are normally woven in widths of 60, 75, 90, 120, 150, 180 and 270 cms. Widths in between these widths can also be woven for specific quantities. Mats with widths up to 270cms don’t have a seam in between. Mats with widths of more than 270cms are made with two pieces being joined together.

b. Length: There is no restriction on the length of the mat.

9. Is there any tolerance?

a. Weight will tend to vary by plus and minus 5%.

b. Width and lengths do vary by 2% and 3% respectively on the plus and minus side.

10. Are these mats suitable for outdoor use?

These mats are great for the outdoors. The mats can be UV treated to prevent fading of colours and to prevent the plastic from disintegration from exposure to sunlight.

11. Are they anti slip?

The mats themselves are not anti slip and a rug pad is needed under them for use on hardwood floors or slippery surfaces.

12. Which are the most popular sizes?

90×150,120×180, 150×240 and 180x270cms are the most popular sizes.

13. What are the quantities that can be stuffed in a 20’ and 40’ HQ container?

a. 20’- In a 20’, 5000 sq metres can be shipped.

b. 40’ HQ- in a 40’ HQ, close to 11,500 sq metres can be shipped.

14. What is the lead time?

The lead time for a 20’ is 25-30 working days and for a 40’ hq is 35-40 working days.

15. What is the standard packing?

The mats are individually packed in polybags and then in HDPE Bales.

16. Tell us more about the factories, are they socially compliant?

Our plants meet stringent social compliance standards and are routinely audited by our customers/third parties. There is no child labour employed and special attention is paid to maintaining fire safety. We would love to show you our facilities.