About Us

Our plants, covering an area of more than 180,000 square feet, are constantly being upgraded to keep abreast of the best manufacturing practices. We are ensuring that we have the infrastructure and systems in place to cater to demanding customers from across the world. Our in house designing section ensures that the process of sampling to final production is seamless. The inhouse designing section can conceptualise designs as well as adapt the designs of customers. Almost any design can be translated on to a mat. Our products undergo rigorous quality checks and testing so as to ensure that all product protocols as applicable are met. Our products pass the REACH testing protocols for Europe and all applicable testing protocols for North America.


Sapana’s ‘green’ & environment friendly philosophy precedes the current trend in this direction. From the very beginning, we have been an organization that’s acutely aware of our responsibilities to nature, our planet, and have acted in accordance with our responsible corporate ethos.

Several measures have been adopted to minimize ecological damage and protect the environment.

Zero Waste

Following a zero waste generation policy, all the waste from manufacturing is recycled and converted to granules. These granules are then used in the manufacturing process itself, to produce new mats. Over 30,000 kgs of plastic scrap is recycled each month.

Water Conservation

By filtering the water used for the quenching baths of the extruders; water-changing has been brought down to just once a year.

Energy Efficiency

Extrusion machines that convert granules to liquid need high intensity energy. By insulating the heating zones of the extruders, we substantially minimize the heat dissipation & reduce energy consumption. Over the past one year, we have installed lighting solutions which save electricity; enough, to power 120 households on an ongoing basis.


No tree-damaging cartons are used. Instead, Sapana employs flexible & reusable HDPE bags to package final products.

CSR Activities

We are proud supporters of Navjeevan Society, Aurangabad. Navjeevan works in the field of specially abled people.

As part of this intiative, Sapana employs a select group of people from Navjeevan. Also, products made at Navjeevan are retailed through our outlets in Aurangabad.

These skillful people get an excellent platform to contribute and assimilate in mainstream society and Sapana gets this wonderful opportunity to pay back its due to the society.


Sapana’s philosophy is simple & effective. To bring to the people, high quality products that are stylish user-friendly and affordable. In this endeavor, we have made many breakthroughs in technology, systems & processes.

A lot of this innovation has been pioneering, and has been duly recognized. Part of our proud trophy case is the much sought after PLEXCONCIL’s award for the Top Mat Exporter for 9 years in a row. Testimony of our commitment to service & innovation, as we continue on our ‘innovative’ path…


1. We recycle 30,000 kgs of plastic scrap every month. This saves a landfill space of 2664 cubic yards!!

2. We have installed light enhancing and heat reducing ventilators at our plants. These help us save electricity enough to power 200 tube lights for six months in a year.

3. We have eliminated the need for changing of water in the extruder section.

4. We produce 4 Million mats every year in different sizes for the diverse needs of our customers

5. We have so far sold more than 60 million mats.